ICMJ webinar to tackle genetic selection for meat quality

The latest genetic selection tools aimed at improving meat eating quality will be in focus in the next episode of the Intercollegiate Meat Judging Association (ICMJ) webinar series to be held on August 20.

The next instalment will tackle the topic of ‘Breeding lambs today for consumers of tomorrow’ and feature Meat & Livestock Australia’s LAMBPLAN Development Officer James Taylor, and leading Victorian breeders, Steve and Debbie Milne, Waratah White Suffolks.

“Sheep breeders now have a range of objective genetic selection tools at their disposal, which can assist them in both improving the productivity of their flock while also improving the eating quality of lamb when it reaches the consumer,” Mr Taylor said.

The presentation will cover what consumers are telling us, how industry invests in eating quality and how producers can make it work for them. As a result of Covid-19 restrictions forcing the cancellation of its conferences and workshops, ICMJ has shifted to digital delivery to ensure students and young industry professionals can continue to access meat science training and networking opportunities.

The ICMJ Association is a not-for-profit organisation run by a 100% volunteer committee, funded by Meat & Livestock Australia, the Australian Meat Processing Corporation and industry sponsors, with a mission to ‘Inspire and develop future professionals in the global red meat industry’. Now in its 30th year of existence, the Australian ICMJ has a long and successful reputation of attracting graduates to careers in the red meat industry.

Previous webinars have addressed new technologies for measuring eating quality in beef and lamb, and carcase yield measurement technologies and their integration in processing plants. Video recordings of these webinars are available at www.icmj.com.au.

Genetic Selection Technologies to Improve Lamb Eating Quality


  • How to use genetic selection tools to improve lamb eating quality – James Taylor, Development Officer, LAMBPLAN
  • The producer’s perspective – data driven decision making in White Suffolk breeding, with Steve and Debbie Milne, Waratah White Suffolks, Branxholme, Vic.
  • Questions and Answers

When: Thursday August 20 at 12pm to 1pm (AEST).
How to connect: Download Zoom and register your attendance at

More information: www.icmj.com.au

Steve and debbie