FFN Recruitment: Executive Officer

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The Future Farmers Network (FFN) is looking for a motivated part time executive officer who is passionate about advancing youth in Australian agriculture.
FFN is a national, not-for-profit member network that supports young people involved in the agricultural industry. FFN is committed to promoting the agricultural industry to the next generation as an exciting and rewarding career path.
FFN is focused on enhancing industry connections, developing specialised skills in key areas and delivering a strong financial performance through robust budgeting. FFN is seeking a skilled and enthusiastic individual to assist with FFN’s activities, to be contracted on a part-time basis. This role will require some availability during normal business hours


The Executive Officer will work closely with the Board of Directors and have responsibility for the execution of the overarching strategy across the following three functions:

  • Relationships (partners, members, Board, other stakeholders)
  • Initiatives (events, campaigns, promotions)
  • Communications (website, social media channels, webinars, online learning, e-newsletters)

FFN currently contracts its bookkeeping and administrative functions, the successful candidate will work closely with these contractors.



  • Maintain FFN’s existing partner relationships to ensure that value is being added
  • Identify and develop new partner relationships
  • Lead the growth of FFN’s business in a profitable and sustainable manner
  • Presenting to the Board on topics including the measurement of Partnership, Initiatives and Communications results, as well as proposed improvement plans for those functions where appropriate
  • Coordinate monthly online/teleconference Board meetings, providing completed board material in a single PDF document to Directors five business days in advance of the meeting
  • Communicate in a timely fashion with the Board on material matters affecting FFN
  • Serve as the external spokesperson and principal liaison for FFN, including managing relations with FFN’s partners, the media, governments, non-government organisations and the public generally
  • Be responsible for communicating FFN’s Mission, Vision, Principles, Values, strategy and business plan to external stakeholders


  • Seek, develop and initiate new events and campaigns that align to FFN’s and its partners’ goals, expectations and missions to increase FFN’s presence and reach across Australia
  • Work closely with current and potential partners to deliver tailored events and activations
  • Ensure all FFN events are developed and run in-line with the FFN Strategic Plan, and within the FFN Operational Plan, to a high professional standard
  • Attend on behalf of FFN, events where the Network has provided partnership funding ensuring FFN achieves its return on investment
  • Managing and growing FFN’s existing initiatives/events, including our flagship event the Young Beef Producers Forum



  • Weekly meeting with Chair
  • Open communication with Chair, the Executive Committee and all Board members
  • Weekly internal update on activities to the Board
  • Regular communication with Administration Officer
  • Tracking and reporting performance against the FFN Strategic Plan


  • Managing relationships with each FFN partner in accordance with their respective management and reporting requirements
  • Membership communications (mostly done via email and social media)
  • Social media account management
  • Annual survey
  • Weekly Top 5 newsletter
  • Maintaining an up to date FFN website

Overarching elements:

  • Any persons engaged with FFN on full time, part time or contracting basis must adhere to the following key elements:
  • Ensure the accuracy, completeness, integrity and appropriate disclosure of FFN’s financial and other sensitive information through appropriate policies and procedures
  • Maintain and comply with FFN’s internal controls over financial reporting through appropriate policies and procedures
  • Ensure that to the best of your knowledge and ability, FFN has complied with all regulatory requirements for FFN’s financial information, reporting, disclosure requirements and internal controls over financial reporting.
  • Ensure appropriate policies and procedures of FFN are developed, maintained and disclosed
  • Ensure that areas of uncertainty are raised

Budget & timeframe:

The role of Executive Officer is a part-time position. It is anticipated between 10-15 hours per week, however this has the potential to increase through increased engagement with partners and facilitation of events.
There will be annual reviews carried out by the Executive Committee against the Strategic and Operating Plans, for which KPI’s will be developed at the beginning of the contract period in conjunction with the successful applicant. It is important to build these KPI's in conjunction with the successful applicant, as the Board do not see the Executive Officer as purely executing a service, but rather as an individual who is actively involved in shaping the current and future strategy and operations of the FFN.


With your application, please include:

  • Cover Letter outlining your experience and interest in the role
  • A current Curriculum vitae with contact details for two referees
  • $/hour reflecting your costs for 10-15 hours per week

As the position will be contracted, the successful applicant will need:

  • Proof of Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • An Australian Business Number (ABN)

We welcome any discussion interest parties may have, please email admin@futurefarmers.com.au 

For enquiries on the application process contact the Chair of the Remuneration Committee Richard Kohne or current executive officer Jamie-Lee Oldfield.

Please send your application to admin@futurefarmers.com.au by 26 June 2021.