Breaking Down the Data Barrier Webinar


This event is in the past. You can view the webinar recording below.

Recording of Breaking Down The Data Barrier Webinar, held April 11 2019


Data collection in farming has been around for several years – the concept isn’t new with hordes of machinery squirrelling away information from across Australian farms every day. Collecting data is one thing, however, being able to analyse, interpret and act on that data can be a whole other ball game. With the modern-day farmer already requiring a multitude of skills, from engineering, science and finance, through to general labour, agronomy and meteorology – data analysis becomes another ‘to-do’ on top of a growing list.

Traditionally, the analysis of data collected on farm has been through clunky, expensive programs designed for analysts. Often told how ‘powerful’ data can be for their business, farmers have lacked access to affordable and simple technology to process that data.

On April 11, the Future Farmers Network, together with industry partner Case IH, will be hosting a free half-hour webinar titled ‘Breaking Down the Data Barrier’. The aim is to provide the Australian farming industry with information on recent breakthroughs in simplified farm data analysis.

Presented by Case IH’s Andrew Kissel, a specialist in precision farming products, the webinar will look at the type of farming data Australians have been collecting over the past 10 years and the complexities that have prevented many farmers from utilising that data. Importantly, Andrew will address the technology improvements and why the conditions in 2019 are right for those wanting to take that step into analysis.

Andrew will introduce several data analysis programs currently available in the market and provide clear and simple examples of how you can use these programs to pinpoint improvement in your profit margins.

With the cost of production on the rise and current dry conditions, there has never been a more critical time for Australian farmers to be working smarter.

Whether you’ve been collecting data without doing anything with it or are interested in the concept and looking to improve your profit margin – this practical webinar will arm you with the information you need to take the next step.

Webinar: Breaking Down the Data Barrier
Date: 11 April 2019 6pm AEDT
Topics addressed:
• Technology in Australian agriculture
• Current data being collected across Australian farms
• Different farm data analytical tools available
• Examples of how to use this data to make business decisions and improve profit margins

Who should attend:
• Farmers who have been collecting data, but haven’t done anything with it
• Farmers who have been collecting data, but haven’t been using it to its full potential
• Farmers who have not been collecting data but are interested in the concept
• People wanting an update on the industry data analytical tools available
• Farmers wanting assistance with analysing their farm data
Cost: Free

Registration: CLOSED


Special thanks to FFN Partner RuralBiz Training for supplying the webinar technology.